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Gas - a  complicated market

Commercial gas is a complicated market and getting more complicated all the time.  How do you know when a price offered is good or not?  Suppliers will always tell you that their prices are “the best” but what does that mean?  The best today?  The best this week? The best they have offered you so far?

Wholesale gas prices fluctuate all the time.  Choosing when and where to place your energy contract is crucial to your business and can’t be left to chance.

 You may negotiate a new contract every 12, 24 or 36 months. We do it every day so we know when a price is a good one.

Why Choose Us

We deal with suppliers all the time.  Sometimes they want to gain market share and offer prices through us that would not be available if you simply contacted a call centre.

We also have access to many companies most people would not know and who offer far more competitive rates than the big six suppliers everybody knows

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