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Large and Multi-Site Businesses

We often find that large companies are even more likely to have complications with energy contracts. This may be because there are multiple sites or meters to keep track of or because no single person is responsible for contracts. Our system keeps track of EVERY meter and EVERY contract.

• Half Hourly Metering

• Contracts

• Green Energy

Half hourly (or 00) meters are mandatory for large electricity consumption sites. Contracts for 00 meters are handled differently to other types and require expert inspection and timing

Did you know you can, in most instances, negotiate your next energy contract months ahead of the expiry of your current one?  This means YOU choose when to lock prices in, not the supplier. This alone can reduce rates considerably.

More and more companies

want to include renewables in their energy mix. This is not as easy as it first appears.  Renewable energy is still more expensive and businesses need to consider obligations to shareholders.  One way to offset the extra cost is by agreeing a green contract which is “climate change levy exempt”  

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