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Bill Validation

Once you have agreed a contract, how do you know the monthly bills are correct?  Simply email a copy to us and we will validate the bill against your contract to ensure you only pay the price agreed.

Dispute Resolution and Advice

About half of the clients who use us have or have had a dispute with their supplier.  These can range from inaccurate meter readings or estimated bills to miss-selling or scams  

Contract Terminations

Our letter of authority includes a contract termination permission.  This means you never have to worry about missing your termination window again.  Leave it to us and we will terminate your future contracts at the right time meaning they will never be rolled over at high prices.

Market News and Updates

Energy is a fast moving market, it’s in the news for various reasons every week.  We know that you are busy running your business and don’t have time to keep up with the different pieces of government policy or market changes that will effect you.  We are happy to advise on any concerns you have

Client Services

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