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Small business electricity

If you run a small business you don’t need us to tell you how busy you are. With a million and one things to remember and limited hours to do them in it is no surprise that energy contracts and suppliers aren’t top of your list.  Truth is that after people and property costs energy is probably your biggest expense.  We will make it our top priority to get you the best deal.    

• Meter Profiles

We cover every meter profile.  Did you know that your meter profile dictates the prices you have access to?

Do you know what your meter profile is?

The ‘top line’ of your MPAN number after the large S dictates which prices are available to your business.  

Your meter may be recorded as a domestic meter or a large meter attracting a high KVA charge - firms which use a large amperage. We can check.  

• Contracts

Every business should concentrate on energy contracts.  Very often this is overlooked and companies will simply renew with their existing supplier because they think that the longer they stay with them the better the prices will be to reward their loyalty.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The longer you stay, the more you pay!  

• Pitfalls

Without question, the biggest mistake made by most small businesses is missing the contract renewal ‘window’ and getting rolled over into a new contract.  Our system will ensure this never happens.

Other pitfalls include: low unit rates but high standing charges. Rolling contracts. Take or pay clauses. Obstructive termination clauses. Verbal contracts. Meter registration scams

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